Gladue Reports and the Intersectionality of Sentencing

Sentencing occupies an interesting position within legal discourse, being understood as a fundamental step in the legal process yet remaining a mystery to many regarding the considerations that go into such a decision. One specific area of increasing interest in modern times is that of incarceration, specifically how the intersectional aspects of our identity impact the sentencing process. Today on ProBono Radio, with the help of professor Lisa Kerr,  Kevin Kiss aims to break down this complex area of law with specific attention to Indigenous accused. 

Professor Lisa Kerr is currently an assistant professor at Queen’s University specializing in criminal law, sentencing, and prison law. In addition to receiving the SSHRC grant, in 2019, to study fit sentencing for racialized defendants, Professor Kerr also serves as the director of the Criminal Law Group at Queen’s Law. 

Kevin Kiss – Producer, Host and Editor

Pro Bono Radio is part of the Queen’s chapter of Pro Bono Students Canada. The Pro Bono Radio team are not lawyers, and this is not legal advice.

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