Locked Up During Lockdown

In the midst of the pandemic, it is clear that the Canadian prison system needs to change. The only question is how we should aim to change it. Some advocate for prison reform, while others stress the need for the abolition and replacement of the system altogether. Looming over this debate is the practice of solitary confinement, which has become increasingly common in Canadian prisons during the pandemic.

In this episode, we discuss and break down this debate with our esteemed guest, Professor Lisa Kerr. Professor Kerr is currently an assistant professor at Queen’s law and has published several papers and opinion pieces in law journals and newspapers on prison law and sentencing. She has also worked with the BC Civil Liberties Association and with the John Howard Society of Canada in efforts to abolish solitary confinement in Canadian prisons.


Afsheen Chowdhury and Kelvin Lau– Producers, Hosts, Editors

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