The Notwithstanding Clause: Scope, Interpretations, & Limits

As a historical point of contention for the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, section 33, also known as the Notwithstanding Clause, has been a topic of discussion for decades. What does section 33 mean? How did it come about? What have courts said about it in the past? Can its use be limited? These are inquiries from various media sources that are answered in this podcast.

In this episode, I am joined by Professor Jacob Weinrib to discuss section 33 of the Charter. As a public and constitutional law instructor, Professor Weinrib has taught at Queens Law since 2015. He has been published in several books and is the author of his own book (Dimensions of Dignity: The Theory and Practise of Modern Constitutional Law) with a second one currently in the works.

Shayla Joshi: Host, Producer, Editor

Music: by Aaron Dean

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