Willpower: Changes to Ontario’s Wills & Estates Law

Ontario’s Succession Law Reform Act governs the province’s Wills & Estates law.  As a statute, it deals with issues like the formalities for making a valid Will, how someone’s property is distributed when they die without a Will and the rules governing dependent support requirements for estate distribution.  New changes to the SLRA came into effect in January of 2022 and could have some potentially profound implications.  A few of these changes include; witnessing Wills with the help of audio-visual technology, a new definition for “separated,” and that one’s Will is no longer automatically revoked upon marriage.

Joining the Pro Bono Radio team to discuss the impact of these new changes to the SLRA is Professor David Freedman.  Professor Freedman is an associate professor of law at Queen’s University and counsel for Wagner Sidlofsky LLP.  He teaches topics that include Property, Trusts and Wills & Estates.  These topics led him to found Canada’s first Elder Law Legal aid clinic located at Queen’s University.


Stuart Gordon – Producer, Host and Editor

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